Rejectomancy Made Easy

I’ll admit, I have a bit of a love-hate thing with the Submission Grinder. I love how easy it’s made it to keep track of my story submissions, and the market search, while not always perfect, has provided me with interesting new places to send my work.

The one problem I have is with their “Response Turnaround Chart.” Don’t get me wrong. It’s a great tool, and on occasion it’s helped me get a fairly good handle on when a response from a certain market is due. But when it looks like this:

Response Turnaround Chart w/ Market Name Blacked Out for Privacy

Response Turnaround Chart w/ Market Name Blacked Out for Privacy

That’s where the “hate” part comes in. I start to worry. See that little dot? That’s my story. The red lines are rejections. The green are acceptances. I’m not confident enough to assume that I’ll become one of the acceptances. But being beyond the range of their “normal” rejection times inspires a new paranoia. OMG! I’ll be the oldest rejection recorded for these guys. Ever!

Granted, this particular market doesn’t have a large number of responses recorded on the Grinder at this time, so the sample size is too small to really be jumping to such drastic conclusions. I shouldn’t be worrying, but I can’t seem to help it. I refuse to think about what that says about me.

Ironically, as I was typing up the last couple of paragraphs of this post, the response from this market arrived in my e-mail. A rejection. Please excuse me while I go bang my head against the wall a few dozen times. Ugh!


2 comments on “Rejectomancy Made Easy

    • The Grinder is fabulous. I suppose it’s not their fault I choose to analyze the data they provide in the way that I do 😉

      Thankfully(?), another, older rejection showed up on the Grinder shortly after mine. Guess the market was clearing their slush pile.

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