Is This Really Neccessary?

Shopping bag label warning

“It is not recommended that children be carried in this shopper.”

I saw this on a reusable shopping bag the other day.  My first thought was: Why would anyone put a child in this bag? I could see how my cat might be able to fit in it, but a child? Granted, it can hold up to 30 pounds.



Progress Report #2

One more month down, ten to go. 2014 certainly feels like it’s flying by–or maybe not. I seem to think that about every year, lately. Here’s a recap of my 2014 goals, and where I stand with each one:.

1. Finish 18 new stories.

Progress report: Completed 4 new short stories in February. Ironically, even though I spent much of the month working on the Flash Fiction course, only 1 of those stories could be considered flash-length. Total for the year-to-date: 5

2. 100 short story submissions.

Progress report: 5 short story  submissions made, giving me a total of 12 for a year.

3. Keep up with this blog and Twitter

Getting better. Actually posted 3 times on this blog, though I did slow down a bit more on Twitter than I intended. Can’t seem to find the balance between the two sites.

Overall, it was a month of a couple steps forward, a couple steps back. The main thing that improved in February was the time I spent actually writing. Now, I just need to work on those other areas.

How about you? How are you doing on your goals for this year?