“The Shark and the Dragon King” is Available now on Amazon


“The Shark and the Dragon King” is available now for $0.99/ free through Kindle Unlimited.


Marianna is cursed. If she ventures into the ocean, she changes into a shark, with animal instincts that once led to tragedy. To protect herself and others, she’s fled far from her home in Hawaii, taking refuge in a landlocked area of the United States. That’s where a mysterious priest finds her and makes an offer she can’t refuse: in exchange for a magical talisman that will help her control her cursed form, Marianna must venture down to the undersea palace of the legendary Dragon King of Japan.

And she must defeat him.

But once there, she quickly discovers that things are not at all what they first seemed. The Dragon King has had a hand in creating her curse, now he gives her yet another way to defeat it so she can reclaim her ‘true form’ for all eternity. It will mean confronting another ancient enemy, one that has been hunting her and her family throughout history…

The Shark and the Dragon King is an 11,000-word fantasy story which contains elements of both Hawaiian mythology and Japanese folk tales. Due to the violent nature of some of the scenes, it is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18.

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“Medusa’s Eyes” Available now on Amazon


“Medusa’s Eyes” is available now for $0.99/ free through Kindle Unlimited.


As a hacker, Ryker “Perseus” Cameron is used to unusual jobs. Then he’s asked to break into a biotech weapon called Medusa. The retinal implant device mimics the powers of the legendary gorgon, and has been used to take several lives. And his potential client wants it stopped. At any cost.

But as Ryker studies his quarry, he quickly learns that nothing is as simple as it first appears. And that real life can echo an ancient myth in more than one way…

Medusa’s Eyes is a 10,000 word science fiction story based on the Greek myth about the gorgon Medusa.

Available now on Amazon and AmazonUK